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The IGPD is a german livebearer club based in Berlin and founded on 23.01.2010. 
We are open to anyone interested in keeping and maintaining livebearing fishes, whether they are cultivated varieties (especially fancy guppies and endlers) or wild forms. 
The club has been set up to get local Berlin livebearer breeders and keepers together but aquarists  from all over germany are welcome to joins us. 
The communication with members works mainly via internet, using our board guppytreff-berlin, facebook or emails. 
A minimum of two events will be organised by us each year. An annual meeting in the first quarter of the year and a fish show or other event usually takes place around October. 
Other events may take place during the year. Details will be published on the internet. 
We are interested in exchanging fishes and knowledge with other associations as well as independant breeders from all over the world. 
Please understand that we have no complete translated page but we are willing to stay in touch with others! 
If you like to get in touch with us or have questions from the German information on our website, you have the following options:




or eMail :

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